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Steven Cawiezell has established as a distinctively unique ETF & Growth stock newsletter that focuses on trends in the market indices. Being a former Financial Advisor at a large broker dealer (and watching portfolios crash in 2008) forced Steven to abandon "buy & hold" and create an simple 3 Step Trading System that anyone can follow. To see the exact rules to the 3 Step Trading system go to On the Podcast Steven brings together trading systems experts, Professional Traders, and financial authorities to share with you how they help their clients make profitable trades and you can too.
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Feb 17, 2016

Prior to running Born To Sell, Mike had 3 distinct careers: software engineering, investment banking, and venture capital.

As a software engineer, Mike spent 12 years at several Silicon Valley startups. Two of them went public on NASDAQ: Storm Technology (1994) and General Magic (1997).

After that Mike switched to investment banking at (now Garage Technology Ventures) where he helped early stage startups raise money from angel investors and VCs. During his 4 years at Garage, Mike read thousands of business plans and was part of the team that helped over 100 startups raise over $300M.

Mike switched from investment banking to venture capital in 2002. He worked at two billion dollar VC funds, Sierra Ventures and Battery Ventures, as a direct investor -- putting $86M of LP money into high tech startups and serving on their Board of Directors. He is currently a Venture Partner at Ottawa's top venture capital firm, Mistral Venture Partners.

His passion has always been covered calls. In 2009 he became a full-time entrepreneur and started Born To Sell. The goal was (and is) to provide best-of-breed covered call software to self-directed covered call investors.



Steven bought his first stock at the age of 14 and the rest was history. He lives in the small working class town of Russellville, Arkansas with his wife and 2 kids. Steven has a background in Economics and Finance and worked for one of the largest investment firms in the U.S for 6 years.


He has established The Trader's Plan as a distinctively unique ETF & Growth stock newsletter that focuses on trends in the market indices. Being a former Financial Advisor at a large broker dealer (and watching portfolios crash in 2008) forced Steven to abandon "buy & hold" and create a simple ETF strategy that has averaged 64.11% per year since 2007 that anyone can follow.


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